The Jaunt Life

We believe you need to be in a good place to do good work. That means spontaneous smoothies, Bagel Mondays, and lunch provided on Wednesdays. Plus vacation when you need it, as well as the full line of health and retirement benefits.

Team Lunch
Watching Google VR
Team Lunch
Team Lunch

Vacation Time

Flexible Vacation. We mean it. If you need a break, take it to keep refreshed and rejuvenated.


Our 401K plan helps you prepare long-term. And whether you bike, drive or train, Jaunt offers reimbursement to make your commute easier.

Health Care

Health insurance options include both PPO and HMO plans. Visit your doctor via your mobile or laptop.

Breakfast & Lunch

Monday breakfast and Wednesday lunch provided each week.


Enjoy an unlimited supply of healthy snacks.

Happy Hour

Celebrate the end of the week with coworkers at happy hour every Friday.