The Jaunt XR Platform is the definitive software solution for the cross-platform distribution of immersive (VR, AR, and MR) content

The XR Platform provides media companies, sports leagues, brands, content aggregators and enterprise customers the ability to distribute immersive content through their owned and operated channels.

XR Platform Key Features

devices Cross Platform

Deliver immersive (AR and VR) content to every major VR, AR and MR headset, mobile operating system, web browser and 360-capable social media platform

play High Quality Video

Publish the highest quality immersive video on any device and platform irrespective of network bandwidth

retweet End-to-End Publishing Solution

Manage every stage of the content delivery pipeline from asset upload to playback analytics

line-graph Data and Analytics

Leverage unique insights available for immersive content, including 360° heatmaps, predictive focus and viewership

code-fork Recognizes and Supports Interactivity

Deliver branched narratives and incorporate hotspots and camera/viewpoint switching into immersive experiences

globe Global, Localized Solutions

Utilize platform UI and content subtitles available in 28+ languages

puzzle-piece Modular System

Easily deploy a system that allows seamless integration across partner infrastructure

cloud-upload Scalable Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Benefit from fully managed, secure, high-performing, cloud-based video hosting and usage data infrastructure

What Jaunt XR Platform Partners Are Saying

Sky Logo

"We’re excited to adopt the Jaunt XRP as it will let us take the next steps in our VR journey, helping ready the Sky VR App to handle the ever more innovative and complex VR experiences we will be creating."

Gary Davey, Managing Director of Content at Sky
Medical Realities Logo

“The evolution of the Medical Realities app has been an important part of the overall expansion of our brand. Working with Jaunt has allowed us to enhance our customer experience and expand our distribution across platforms. We are very excited about the opportunities before us.”

Steve Dann, Medical Realities CEO

“In Jaunt, with their immersive technology, we’ve found the perfect partner to help us towards our vision of delivering the very best sociable experiences for our users to enjoy with friends, family and others, anywhere in the world. Jaunt has huge credibility in immersive technology and is an obvious choice for this next stage of innovation for us.”

Clemens Wangerin, Managing Director at vTime
XR Media Manager

Provides a complete control center for content staging and publishing

  • Publish content across platforms
  • Upload and ingest immersive content assets
  • Automatically transcode master files to 40+ formats
  • Efficiently organize all video content
  • Utilize administrative roles and permissions
  • Manage metadata, content subtitling, localization, geo targeting and windowing
  • Secure video assets with high performance, scalable, cloud-based hosting

XR Player Engine

Delivers high quality playback of assets across all major mobile, VR, and social media platforms

  • Play XR Content - Cross-platform playback of XR content including live streaming, interactive content, and offline viewing for all major devices and platforms
  • Power advanced playback of XR content in new or existing unity-based or native applications
  • Support both proprietary and standard formats such as MPEG Dash
  • Utilize adaptive bitrate encodes to ensure maximum image quality at any bandwidth and on any device
  • Deliver spatial audio, including Dolby ATMOS, ambisonics, Facebook Audio 360, stereo, mono, and 5.1 & 7.1 surround
  • Enable rapid deployment through easily integrated modular solutions across game and mobile development environments -- Fully instrumented Native C++ interfaces are available for greater customization
  • Create and distribute powerful immersive content specific data streams

XR Intelligence Suite

Offers advanced analytics and insights built for XR business intelligence

  • Collect unique user insight derived from gaze data collected every 1/10 of a second
  • Display and utilize 360° heatmaps to showcase regions of interest
  • Access an analytics dashboard built for immersive content
  • Consolidate analytics for all deployed apps and platforms in one dashboard
  • Leverage a robust infrastructure to label, collect, and store usage events privately

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