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Introducing XR Cast

About Jaunt

Jaunt is at the forefront of using machine learning and computer vision to create volumetric videos of humans.

With over 1 billion augmented reality-enabled devices in the market, the challenge remains: how to capture humans in AR with a real-time, scalable solution?

Jaunt is at the forefront of using machine learning and AI to create volumetric videos of humans. We recently launched XR Cast which allows for the easy volumetric capture and publishing of humans in AR. The first of its kind in the market, our technology is highly portable and creates high-quality AR assets in real-time that can be streamed to mobile devices and shared on social media. With XR Cast there are no massive stages that require travel to out of the way locations. No long processing times. We are the first and leading portable volumetric capture solution available in the market.

XR Cast is our first product…but there’s more to come. We believe that we are just scratching the surface of what is possible when it comes to bringing humans into AR. At Jaunt we are leading the charge to develop the next generation of AR content.

Award Winning

Since 2013, Jaunt has been recognized as a leader in the creation, production, and distribution of immersive content. Our technology has powered compelling immersive VR, AR, and mixed reality experiences from some of the world’s leading companies.

XR Cast

A ground-breaking volumetric AR solution

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Our capture stage has a small footprint and is highly portable, designed for on-location use cases


XR Cast uses proprietary technology enabling real-time Image processing

Temporal and spatial refinements create high quality 3D volumetric AR video

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Watch our AR content with your mobile device using the latest AR technology embedded in your device or available on social media

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We work with the world's top companies