Free the Night

Coming soon to Windows Mixed Reality and debuting at The Future of StoryTelling is Free the Night, the experience directed and created by Nicole McDonald in partnership with Jaunt Studios. The experience takes viewers on a journey where they are able to pluck lights out of a city skyline and place them back into the sky where they belong. Inspired by the childhood of the director, McDonald knew that working with Jaunt as well as keeping the heart of her story was the most important thing when making this experience. 

“One of my most poignant memories is of gazing into the night sky with my father. We’d sit in the damp grass late on summer nights, count the shooting stars and he would map out the constellations and the planets for me. As the years passed, our small town grew too quickly and the amber glow from strip malls and streetlights eventually erased these celestial wonders. Sadly, we stopped looking up into the heavens together. As I started to think more about developing a story based on my own experiences, I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be exhilarating for us all to bring back the stars - to ‘Free the Night’ - together?’” 

For Jaunt, connecting with Nicole on the project, making sure story was the focus as well as investing in technology that would make the experience great was key in taking Free the Night to the next level. This is the first interactive experience from the studio and the first that features 6DoF technology.

“When we first heard about the project from Nicole, we were blown away by her vision,” said Tom Vance, Head of Content at Jaunt Studios. “Consumers are always looking for interesting, original content and we were definitely looking for opportunities to develop and distribute more original content. Nicole has an incredible pedigree creating interactive stories and knows how to develop films with artistic qualities and flair.”

Free the Night will released to the public on Windows Mixed Reality on October 17th, 2017