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5G Dance Cam Hologram

ATT 5G AR Activation with Jaunt - Demo Asset

Customer Challenge

AT&T needed a fun yet tangible way to demonstrate the power of 5G for consumers—many of whom had little to no knowledge of mobile technology and what benefits these advancements might provide.

Jaunt's Solution

We brought XR Cast to Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz stadium as the Falcons went up against the Dallas Cowboys. During the tailgate, we invited fans to perform their best end-zone dances on one of two XR Cast capture stages. While the tailgaters danced, their friends and family watched a real-time, AR stream over AT&T’s 5G network. Dancers then viewed their own 3D holograms and created AR dance parties with other participants .

The Results

XR Cast provided a truly personal and engaging way for consumers to experience the power of 5G. Football fans saw first-hand how emerging mobile networks can enable next-generation technology experiences.

Hundreds of users trialed the technology and 60+% engaged with their 3D hologram after the event, viewing it at home and sharing it on social media amplifying the 5G messaging.

ATT 5G AR Activation with Jaunt - Cheerleader
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ATT 5G AR Activation with Jaunt - Mobile View
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Post-event consumer engagement with their hologram
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Social Media Engagements
"XR Cast is at the forefront of what can be accomplished using 5G technology, and this kind of content is what 5G networks will be able to bring customers."
Kevin Petersen
Senior Vice President, AT&T Mobility and Entertainment