Jaunt is the leading XR solutions provider, helping partners produce and distribute the full spectrum of immersive content (virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality). Through its full-service global production house, Jaunt Studios, and the Jaunt XR Platform’s state-of-the-art distribution technology, Jaunt enables companies to leverage XR to tell their stories in the emerging immersive age.

Jaunt London Offices

Our Team

We are building an outstanding team of engineers, media professionals, scientists, and creatives that is defining the future of media. Current members hail from Stanford University, Caltech, Java, Intel, Lucasfilm, Disney, Hearst, NBC Universal, AOL, Zynga, Condé Nast, News Corp, and Hulu.

Jaunt has a global presence, with Jaunt HQ in San Mateo, Jaunt Studios in Los Angeles, business offices in London and New York, and Jaunt China based in Shanghai.

Executive Team

  • Mitzi Reaugh

    Mitzi Reaugh

    CEO & President
  • Arthur van Hoff

    Arthur van Hoff

    CTO & Founder
  • Fabrice Cantou

    Fabrice Cantou

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Dominic Collins

    Dominic Collins

    President, Product Engineering & International
  • David Moretti

    David Moretti

    President, Strategy and Business Development
  • Olaf Brandt

    Olaf Brandt

    VP, Software Engineering, Client Platforms
  • David Bomphrey

    David Bomphrey

    VP, International Business Development
  • Lora Feinman

    Lora Feinman

    VP, Sales
  • Miles Perkins

    Miles Perkins

    VP, Marketing
  • Adam Somers

    Adam Somers

    VP, Product
  • Tom Vance

    Tom Vance

    VP, Studio, Creative

Board of Directors

  • Tim Haley

    Tim Haley

    Redpoint Ventures, Netflix Board
  • Peter Gotcher

    Peter Gotcher

    Chairman of Dolby, DigiDesign Founder
  • Paul Maeder

    Paul Maeder

    General Partner and Founder, Highland Captial
  • Kevin Mayer

    Kevin Mayer

    Chief Strategy Officer, The Walt Disney Company
  • Richard Hess

    Richard Hess

    Co-Managing Partner, Evolution Media Capital
  • Li Ruigang

    Li Ruigang

    Founding Chairman, China Media Capital