Collaborating with Snap on Volumetric Lenses

By Mitzi Reaugh, CEO & President

It’s been a busy few months at Jaunt as we continue to develop XR Cast, the leading portable solution to capture and publish humans in volumetric video. One of the first questions we get is “where can I engage with this content?” That’s why we are so thrilled to partner with Snap on the creation of new Lenses featuring our volumetric content in AR.

Today, at Snap’s Partner Summit, attendees are invited into Jaunt’s volumetric capture stage to get volumetrically captured. Leveraging our proprietary compression technology, we worked hand-in-hand with Snap to place the captures into Lens Studio—complete with some fun special effects.

Within minutes attendees received their customized Lens, featuring their 3D recording in AR, which could be sized up or down, spun around and placed on any surface.

Be on the lookout for Snaps using these Lenses! Add us with the Snap Code below so you can see some of our latest volumetric lenses—or take a look at the screenshots below. You can watch and also “swipe up” to unlock the Lens yourself. This allows you to bring the volumetric person in “Lens form” right into your own Snapchat camera.

At Jaunt, we believe volumetric video has the power to bring the real world into augmented reality and create next generation entertainment experiences. We hope this collaboration offers just a small taste of what the future holds.

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