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Jaunt ONE

Jaunt ONE is a professional­ grade camera system specifically designed for capturing high­ quality stereoscopic 360º cinematic virtual reality experiences. Built from the ground up with visionary VR creators in mind, Jaunt ONE has proven itself in the hands of the world’s top filmmakers, studios, and networks.

Jaunt ONE offers industry­ leading stereoscopic capture quality and a suite of tools for camera control and data management.

It features 24 camera modules with frame­sync, global shutter, 10­stops of dynamic range, and custom 130o FOV lenses with a fixed f/2.9 aperture. Additional features include support for 120 frames per second capture and a live viewfinder. Jaunt ONE and its complementary workflow present content creators with an end­-to-­end solution for filming high quality cinematic virtual reality content.

Jaunt ONE 2

  • 24 synchronized global shutter sensors
  • Capture up to 120 frames per second (fps)
  • Stereoscopic 360° coverage
  • Up to 8K resolution per eye (8K x 4K stitched equirectangular resolution per eye)
  • Dynamic exposure adjustment
  • Auto exposure or manual exposure adjustment per module
  • Remote camera control and live monitoring


Footage captured with Jaunt ONE is compatible with standard spherical video production workflows. This includes Jaunt Cloud Services (JCS), a cloud­based stitching, rendering, and media management service for VR camera footage. JCS transcodes outputs for publishing and distribution across all major VR devices and platforms.

Jaunt One Controller - Icon

Jaunt ONE Controller

Manage camera settings, configure shooting modes, take preview snapshots, check camera diagnostics, and format SD cards.

Jaunt Slate - Icon

Jaunt Slate

Digital clapper for use with Jaunt ONE. Identify the operator, scene, take, location, and more. Use to sync ambisonic audio when recording double-system.

Jaunt Media Manager - Icon

Jaunt Media Manager (Desktop Companion App)

Data wrangling done right. Import video and audio, see slate info, organize into recordings, generate previews, and upload recordings to XR Media Manager.

Jaunt VR Production Support Center

We're making it a priority to listen to the VR filmmaking community and answer questions about our production tools. We encourage Jaunt ONE and JCS users to utilize the Jaunt VR Production Support Center to access answers to FAQs, find links to useful documentation, and to post their questions and experiences for the broader community to respond to.


To submit a specific question to our product specialists, open a support ticket here.