Introducing our 3D Human Pose Annotation Tool

Posted by: Andrew Walkingshaw, Principal Data Scientist/Software Engineer, Adam Gaige, Head of Engineering and Charles Le Pere, Director of Program Management  As we wrote about previously, Jaunt is in the business of human understanding. We design and train neural networks for human pose estimation and body part segmentation—identifying key joints and labelling pixels in images … Read more

Showing off the latest at CES 2019

By Jordan Newman, Head of Business Development and Marketing Rollable TV’s, foldable smartphones, concept cars and even a redesigned plant-based burger — CES 2019 did not disappoint with new technology that promises to change how we interact with the world around us. And it was impossible to leave CES without hearing about how 5G will soon transform … Read more

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A New Look

It’s been an exciting few months here at Jaunt filled with big changes—we’ve shifted our focus and resources to machine learning and AI to capture humans in volumetric video.  In other words, we’ve started creating 3D selfies or holograms in real-time. These assets can then be easily viewed in AR on mobile devices or AR/mixed-reality … Read more

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It’s game time for 5G & Jaunt’s XR Cast

By Mitzi Reaugh, CEO It was an exciting day for the Jaunt team with our first public unveiling of XR Cast — our next generation AR technology. During the tailgate, fans performed their best end-zone dances on one of two XR Cast capture stages. While the tailgaters were dancing, their friends and family watched a real-time, AR … Read more

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The Future of Jaunt is AR

Today we announced that Jaunt will be focusing efforts on further developing technologies that allow for the scaled creation of AR content. This decision is driven by the exciting initial customer response to our recent advancements in volumetric XR technology and the experience and capabilities of our world-class team. We believe these changes will allow … Read more

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