XR Cast Across the Pond with NTT DATA

By Mitzi Reaugh, CEO & President

We were thrilled to support the opening celebration of NTT DATA’s London office on June 24th. We brought our XR Cast technology to the event and invited NTT DATA’s guests to get recorded in 3D. Once attendees entered our stage, the were able to view their capture in real-time in augmented reality, bringing to life the magic of personalized volumetric video.

“NTT DATA UK works closely with our clients to bring scalable, new technologies to meet their business needs and has been working on immersive technologies for many years due to our Japanese heritage. Jaunt’s XR Cast is a great way for our enterprise clients to communicate with customers, clients and employees in new ways,” said Tom Winstanley, VP Innovation @ NTT DATA. “We thought our clients would enjoy a chance to see themselves in 3D with Jaunt’s real-time and user friendly experience.”

Utilizing our portable, light-weight stage, Jaunt’s team set-up XR Cast in just a few hours. Upon exiting the stage, guests were emailed a web link to their capture, which could easily shared with family and friends. Using the technology already on their phone, guests can view and share the 3D capture on their mobile devices in AR through the web browser without having to install an app.

“Jaunt has enjoyed partnering with NTT DATA and support the launch of the beautiful, new, high-tech London office. NTT DATA’s clients are global innovation leaders and XR Cast can support their business goals with a new, scalable technology,” said Mitzi Reaugh, CEO & President of Jaunt XR.

Take a look below at one of our recent captures from the event. And make sure to click the audio icon on the upper right-hand corner for sound on.

Tip: drag to rotate, pinch to zoom.

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