A New Look

It’s been an exciting few months here at Jaunt filled with big changes—we’ve shifted our focus and resources to machine learning and AI to capture humans in volumetric video.  In other words, we’ve started creating 3D selfies or holograms in real-time. These assets can then be easily viewed in AR on mobile devices or AR/mixed-reality headsets.

As part of this ambitious and clear mission, we’re also refreshing our brand and logo. Since every rebrand begins with a clear vision we decided we wanted our new brand identity to reflect the energy and passion that our team has for this cutting-edge technology. To bring this to life, we partnered with WPP’s Berlin Cameron, a boutique agency with extensive experience re-inventing established brands and helping new brands establish cultural relevancy, to design and lead the effort.

The first step of our process in working together, was to set the brand mission. We committed to making Jaunt’s technological approach to the challenge of creating humans in AR unique, accessible, and exciting.

Michael Milligan, Creative Director at Berlin Cameron, said, “Our branding system for Jaunt was inspired by the underlying technology that expands our physical world by layering digital information onto it. This concept is reflected in the Parallelograms that make up the brand identities’ signature ‘J’.”

Our new logo represents the new layer of AR experiences that Jaunt brings to the world. And, in essence, by creating these new assets, we are also bringing more color to the world. Jaunt is transcending the reality of today’s world.

Jaunt Logo

Milligan also explained that “The visual system for the Jaunt website creates an inspiring platform that captures the spirit of innovative technology—a surefire method to attract and engage stakeholders.”

The entire Jaunt team is energized to be continuing our journey in 2019 with this clear mission and branding that reflects it. Check out our new website — we’d love to hear what you think.

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