Research and Development at Jaunt: Computational Geometry

Daniel Kopeinigg, Director of Research, PhD Stanford University — worked on imaging related problems for more than a decade; Background in Computer Vision and Computational Imaging including medical imaging and inverse problems. Mathematical modeling & optimization and machine learning.

Jaunt’s core technology stack is driven by Computational Photography and Computer Vision. We have developed patented technology around multi-camera image stitching and rendering, enabling the creation of high quality immersive cinematic content for virtual reality.

For VR, most approaches rely on inside-out cameras like our award-winning Jaunt ONE. However, for the new era of augmented reality, outside-in approaches are needed. We follow a hybrid approach to research; we aim to strike the right balance between fundamental research — pushing the boundaries of state-of-the-art methods — and developing and shipping products. We aim to do research which quickly translates into proof-of-concepts and which can subsequently be transformed into products.

With a team of highly talented machine learning and computer vision engineers, we push the limits of computational geometry algorithms and machine learning approaches (volumetric capture, SLAM, sensor fusion, and so forth) to create novel and compelling products.

We also collaborate with top-notch external research teams, such as Disney Research in Zürich, Switzerland, to propel our R&D forward. This allows us to stay at the forefront of technology for creating compelling, high-quality XR experiences.

We are currently focusing on three problems: 3D (volumetric) capture, automatically extracting AR representations of non-AR content, and efficient streaming protocols for AR environments and performances.

This is the fourth post in a series of blogs from the Jaunt R&D team that will share more about the problems we are solving and how we’re working to help build the future of media. Stay tuned for our next update on the Jaunt Blog.

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