The Jaunt Internship Program

Floris Weers (third from the left) is in his final year of study toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Computer Science at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. Left to right: Arthur van Hoff (Jaunt CTO & Founder) and the 2018 San Mateo interns: Varun Dinghra, Floris Weers, Apoorva Ramesh, Aleksander Antic, Abhishek Pandey, … Read more

Hacking Reality: The 3rd Annual Jaunt Hackathon

Arthur van Hoff (left) and Tony Fadell (right) at the 2018 Jaunt Hackathon By Arthur van Hoff, CTO & Founder Every summer, Jaunt organizes a company-wide Hackathon. It is a fun event designed to stimulate creativity and team building. Everyone at Jaunt is encouraged to participate, with engineers, studio team members, IT, HR, sales, marketing, … Read more

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Research and Development at Jaunt: Imaging Technology

Solmaz Hajmohammadi, Senior Software Engineer, PhD, Michigan Technological University — background in Image Processing, GPU Computing and Computer Vision. Jaunt’s story began with building 360° cameras, from only a single GoPro and a few Legos. From this, the award-winning Jaunt ONE was created. Since then, we have shifted our focus to software based solutions and new products, including … Read more

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Research and Development at Jaunt: Volumetric Content

Matthew Hu, Sr. Research Engineer, MSc Stanford University — is working on problems related to computer vision and imaging. Capturing accurate volumetric content can be a difficult and expensive proposition due to the massive amount of data needed. However, with the availability of lower cost depth and time-of-flight sensors, and the ever-increasing compute power of GPUs, we at … Read more

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The Creation of “Decisions: Party’s Over,” an Interactive Virtual Reality Experience

Jaunt worked with Diageo to create an interactive virtual reality experience about the consequences of binge drinking. Titled “Decisions: Party’s Over,” the experience follows the journeys of four partygoers as they expose themselves to the dangers of binge drinking. This perspective is powerfully delivered to audiences using new immersive storytelling techniques and interactive distribution technology. … Read more

Research and Development at Jaunt: Computational Geometry

Daniel Kopeinigg, Director of Research, PhD Stanford University — worked on imaging related problems for more than a decade; Background in Computer Vision and Computational Imaging including medical imaging and inverse problems. Mathematical modeling & optimization and machine learning. Jaunt’s core technology stack is driven by Computational Photography and Computer Vision. We have developed patented technology around … Read more

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Research and Development at Jaunt: Machine Learning

Andrew Walkingshaw, Chief Data Scientist, PhD Cambridge — engineer, product designer, entrepreneur around machine learning and large-scale data in startups and academia, and before that a computational mineral physicist. Machine learning — particularly in the form of deep convolutional neural networks — is now unquestionably one of the most powerful techniques available to us as software engineers. Within the last decade, … Read more

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Research and Development at Jaunt: Augmented Reality

Charles Le Pere, Sr. Program Manager, MSc University of Southern California — has been designing and building camera systems for over 18 years for a vast array of customers and applications including: sensors for the Mars Rovers, night vision cameras for drones and large aircraft, iPhone & iPad cameras including the FaceID sensors for Apple. His background … Read more

Research and Development at Jaunt

Arthur van Hoff, CTO and Founder of Jaunt, MPhil Strathclyde University — Serial entrepreneur, Java contributor, with a background in Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Parallel Computing, and Compiler Design. Jaunt was founded in 2013, right when the first Oculus Rift DK1 was released. Upon gaining access to the headset we immediately saw the potential for what could be … Read more

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