The Jaunt Internship Program

Floris Weers (third from the left) is in his final year of study toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Computer Science at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. Left to right: Arthur van Hoff (Jaunt CTO & Founder) and the 2018 San Mateo interns: Varun Dinghra, Floris Weers, Apoorva Ramesh, Aleksander Antic, Abhishek Pandey, … Read more

Making Immersive Audio Work for VR

The Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers® interviewed Jaunt Software Engineering Manager Adam Somers on the state of virtual reality audio engineering. As the virtual reality (VR) revolution marches onward, much of the technical discussion revolves around realtime rendering of visuals to make an immersive, interactive environment seem natural and intuitive for users. Increasingly, … Read more

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A Better Way to Share VR Content

Like the rest of the VR community, we’ve spent the last few years doing quite a bit of learning. An unfortunate byproduct of all that time spent learning, however, is that Jaunt has been a bit of a black box to other VR creators. We built a camera, a production software suite, a VR studio … Read more

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