The Jaunt VR Lounge at the Sundance Film Festival

Virtual reality will be a predominate theme at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. As an official Sundance sponsor, Jaunt will be hosting a VR lounge throughout the festival in Park City, including a series of content debuts and VR production workshops. See below for a complete schedule, content lineup and resources for VR filmmakers:


The Jaunt VR Lounge
Open daily from 10:30am-5:30pm
580 Main Street
Park City, UT 84060


The selection of virtual reality content demos available in the Jaunt VR Lounge will range from popular titles to exclusive Sundance releases. This includes four VR experiences coming out of the Sundance Institute | Jaunt VR Residency Program. Here’s a sample of what you can experience:

Through You — Official Sundance Selection — Sundance Institute | Jaunt VR Residency Program— Lily Baldwin and Saschka Unseld bring audiences a love story over a lifetime in virtuality. Explore love, rage, passion and mortality spanning several decades, from the early 1970s to the late 1980s and beyond.

My Brother’s Keeper — Inspired by the PBS primetime Civil War drama “Mercy Street,” My Brother’s Keeper is a Civil War inspired narrative that pushes the boundaries of immersive storytelling while remaining anchored in historical fact. It is the story of two estranged brothers who, fighting on opposing sides, unknowingly reunite one last time on the battlefield at Antietam.

Bashir’s Dream — Exclusive Premiere at Sundance— From the award-winning RYOT team comes the story of Qusai Bashir Masaama, a 14-year-old Syrian refugee living in Jordan who was shot in the back by a sniper while on a candy run. As a result, Qusai became a paraplegic. He is confined to a wheelchair, but dreams of playing basketball and traveling abroad for better care and education. Filmed entirely in Jordan, this film juxtaposes live action documentary filmmaking and animation as it explores a childlike attitude to a war-torn reality.

On My Way— Sundance Institute | Jaunt VR Residency Program — A constantly changing 360° music video for Yung Jake’s On My Way (OMW) brings viewers inside his Tesla Model X, where no two rides are ever the same.

Circa 2345 — Sundance Institute | Jaunt VR Residency Program — Daniel Arsham is known for transforming everyday objects and experiences and making them act in ways they shouldn’t. His VR film CIRCA 2345 combines footage from one of his gallery exhibitions as well as his studio process. The experience is narrated by a fictional archeologist in the future who is looking back at the objects from our own era with confusion and wonder.

What Do You Desire? — A globe-spanning journey set to the thought provoking words of philosopher Alan Watts.


Event partners Adobe and Radiant Images will be joining us in the lounge throughout Sundance and will be hosting VR Production Workshops daily from 1–3 P.M. The workshops will cover the content capture process, editing spherical content with Adobe’s tool suite, and publishing 360 video content with Jaunt Cloud Services. Radiant Images will also be showcasing the latest in VR capture technology, including the Jaunt ONE.

Cinematic VR Field Guide

We’ve also released our Cinematic VR Field Guide: A Guide to Best Practices for Shooting in 360° just in time for Sundance. Informed by Jaunt’s experience producing hundreds of cinematic VR experiences, the field guide provides content creators with insights and techniques for cinematic virtual reality production.

Aside from our daily lounge activities and educational initiatives, we’re also hosting a number of after-hours events and parties. Space is limited, so be sure to follow us on social media for all the details and reach out to Marketing Manager Justin McLaughlin via [email protected] for more information.