A Better Way to Share VR Content

Like the rest of the VR community, we’ve spent the last few years doing quite a bit of learning. An unfortunate byproduct of all that time spent learning, however, is that Jaunt has been a bit of a black box to other VR creators. We built a camera, a production software suite, a VR studio and an app — a full VR pipeline — but we kept our heads down at work for so long that it stopped being obvious if we’d ever lift them up to show it to anybody else.

Yet despite all appearances, we weren’t trying to be a secretive startup. We just wanted to get things right. Now, after successfully putting dozens of VR experiences through our pipeline, we feel confident that everything we’ve been working on works — and we’re excited to start sharing.

Today, we’re launching Jaunt Publishing, a new effort that opens up the Jaunt platform to the wider community of professional VR content creators. If you have great content, we want to help get it in front of as many people as possible. How? By eliminating the many technical hurdles that complicate the path from production to widespread distribution.

As VR producers ourselves, we’re intimately familiar with the tedious, but necessary work that goes into making an experience available on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Gear VR, Cardboard and the like. So we built our cloud-based publishing tools to automatically transcode content into formats that work on every VR device — and to do it in minutes, not hours.

We also heard horror stories about creators making spreadsheets full of links that track which platforms make their content accessible on which devices. So we host every VR experience on a single link that recognizes a viewer’s device and immediately delivers the right experience. If someone wants to watch your content, you shouldn’t have to worry about them struggling to find it.

And critically, since our goal is to help your content get as much visibility as possible, distributing your content with Jaunt Publishing is by default a non-exclusive deal that lets you keep control over your work.

Over the last few months, we’ve been quietly collaborating on Jaunt Publishing with VR filmmakers who don’t necessarily shoot with our camera, stitch with our software, or partner with our studio. More than anything, we wanted to learn how to make our publishing tools as useful for them as possible.

This week we’re proud to have just published our 100th VR experience to our growing library, but we want to give credit where credit is really due: Nearly 20 percent of Jaunt’s library is now produced by the pioneering independent VR creators who helped shape this program — like Invasion! from Baobab Studios, The Pull from QubaVR and The Pulse’s Remember, among the many others listed below.

Submit your content to Jaunt Publishing today.

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