New 8K and 6K Render Support in Jaunt Cloud Services + More Product Updates

We’re proud to announce several significant updates to Jaunt Cloud Services, our cloud stitching and rendering platform for virtual reality content, including support for native 6K and 8K renders. This means creators have access to the superior quality of 6K and 8K renders at supported frame rates up to and including 120 frames-per-second (FPS).

Other key updates in this new release include improvements to white balance correction and an update to our pole stitching algorithm for improved stereoscopic image quality on the top and bottom of the stitched image. Additionally, we’ve added the ability to manually input camera distance parameters and updated the available transcodes users can output from the cloud.

Native 6K and 8K Stereoscopic Rendering at Frame Rates up to 120 FPS

With this update, we’re proud to introduce support for 6K and 8K resolution renders with Jaunt Cloud Services (JCS). High Quality (HQ) renders can now be made with outputs up to 8K (8192*8192). This means creators have access to the superior quality of native 6K or native 8K renders at any supported frame rate up to and including 120 frames-per-second (FPS)*. These native renders offer a considerable difference in quality in comparison to upscaled 6K and 8K formats.

Learn more about our new 6K and 8K rendering.

  • 6K and 8K High Quality (HQ) renders are only available for Jaunt ONE at this time.

JCS White Balance Update

By default, all JCS renders have an automatic white balance correction applied. The latest update to our white balance correction results in scenes that are closer to true white than previous versions. The automatic white balance correction can be toggled in the “Color” options panel before starting a render by selecting or deselecting the ‘Degree of Adaptation’ checkbox.

Learn more about JCS white balance correction.

Improved Pole Stitching + New Camera Distance Parameters

We’ve introduced a significant improvement to pole stitching in Jaunt Cloud Services. This update to the stitching algorithm improves the quality of stitches at the top and bottom of the equator in a spherical video. In particular, it extends the stereoscopic region closer to the poles while also providing an intelligent assessment of the distances above and below the camera. This helps mitigate ceiling distortions and any mounds or pits appearing below the camera.

Learn more about improved pole stitching in JCS.

We’ve also exposed the camera distance parameters if creators wish to adjust these camera height settings manually. Manually setting the camera distance to 155 cm below and 10000 cm above the camera reflects the previous JCS values.

Learn more about distance parameters in JCS.

Download Footage from JCS with Jaunt Media Manager

Jaunt Media Manager now features an interface for downloading footage directly from Jaunt Cloud Services for local editing.

Jaunt Media Manager, an application used for managing media captured with Jaunt ONE and for uploading footage to Jaunt Cloud Services, now provides a robust download functionality for creators. Jaunt Media Manager can now be used to download media directly from projects in Jaunt Cloud Services.

This feature provides easy access to download all of the recordings and/or clips for your projects while maximizing download speed. Downloading footage with Jaunt Media Manager offers users a more robust connection in comparison to using a browser to download footage to a local desktop or laptop.

Learn more about downloading renders with Jaunt Media Manager.

Updated Transcode Outputs

We have updated our monolithic transcode outputs in JCS to provide creators with the most commonly requested formats. With this update, the file names have also been changed to better describe each file format. Users can hover over each format for additional information.

Learn more about the transcodes offered in JCS here.

New Budget Calculator + Pricing Update

In order to offer this new level of service, we are also changing our pricing structure to provide the flexibility to incrementally purchase render minutes based on your project’s needs. This pricing structure update also includes a new budget calculator that will estimate costs for each render based on the resolution and frame rate combinations that are now offered. The Budget Calculator takes inputs for frame rate, resolution, and minutes to generate an estimated cost for the desired render.

We’re excited to continue updating product offerings in support our community’s needs. For more information on our production tools, please contact us at [email protected]